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USB Stick Recovery

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USB Memory Sticks Commonly Documented Faults:

USB memory stick technology is similar to that of memory cards in that it is small in size and very complex. With this in mind however the technology’s ultimate goal is to operate in the same way as a hard drive with the notable exception of the size. Common faults that hinder the correct function of a USB stick are damage caused by the user on a physical level, a loss of connectivity to the host device as a result of damaged or corroded pins and connectors, or a corruption of the firmware that tells the USB stick how to behave in the presence of a host device or operating system. With these faults taken into consideration we at have many years experience in retrieving data from USB sticks that many other companies might consider no longer viable.

Broken Flash Drive Data Recovery:

Even after physical damage has been sustained by your USB stick we can recover the data. The internal flash memory chip – known as NAND – can still be accessed by our sophisticated card readers and experienced engineers and even though the USB stick may no longer be accessible by a host device because of damage to the USB adapter we have a high success rate of recovering such data. Flash drives can be damaged through sheer accident and as such there is no determining when, where and how it might happen. The owner of the USB stick may exercise the utmost caution but accidents still happen and when they do, depending on the extraneous force involved either the outside, the inside or both elements of the USB stick may become damaged; rendering it unusable in conjunction with the host device or with any USB device.

Memory Stick Electronic Failure:

Within a memory stick there are electronic components that can also be considered as physical components as well even though they do not move. This is similar to a solid state hard drive and as such damage to a USB stick can be caused either by (a) physical damage caused by impact or (b) by the introduction of strong electrical currents that can wreak havoc on those parts of the stick’s components that are only designed to deal with a specific level of electrical current. These components include the small RISC microprocessor, a semiconductor, a crystal oscillator, and/or the write protect circuit. Damage to this caused by too much electricity (especially if the USB stick is left attached to a host device such as a desktop PC plugged into the mains with a surge protection unit) can render the USB stick useless but unless the flash memory chips are damaged a data recovery can still be achieved.

USB Memory Stick, Unwittingly Formatting or Erasing Important Data:

Just as with a memory card it is possible for the information contained therein to be deleted or formatted by mistake by the user in error. Generally the purpose of a write protect circuit is to prevent the deletion of the data on the USB by the operating system of the host device but this only works in so much as it prevents the operating system doing it. If an override command is initiated by the user then the write protect circuit is bypassed and the information on the USB stick is deleted. The same applies to formatting and as such if this is accidentally carried out the information on the stick is removed (albeit not completely lost at this stage). At we can help you recover your accidentally deleted data using sophisticated recovery software in tandem with our engineers’ years of experience and we can help recover your data to another medium for safekeeping. We cannot however guarantee a successful recovery if the USB has been formatted after the accidental loss or if new material has been saved to the device after the existing has been deleted. In the case of accidental deletion or mistakenly formatting the USB stick we recommend immediately removing it from the host device and contacting us for advice on how we can recover the data.

USB Memory Stick Compatibility Issues with Windows And/Or OS:

Occasions may arise when the operating system on the host device may not recognise the USB stick or the information on it. This may be because the USB stick has simply reached the end of its lifespan (something that happens if the device is used heavily and left in a computer or other device’s USB port frequently). General wear and tear can claim the USB stick and a failure to read it within the operating system can be perceived as an error which causes the operating system to freeze or stall. It may also be perceived as a potential virus if the format of the USB stick cannot be determined and as such you may find the operating system attempts to reboot in order to clear the problem from the memory. If you have difficulty accessing your USB stick as a result of the aforementioned we recommend removing the USB stick from the host device and contacting us here at Although the USB stick may be considered (by the operating system at least) to be no longer functioning, we can recover the data from it and save it to a format you have selected.

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Get Your Important Files Back With USB Data Stick Recovery

Sandisk Connect 32GB
I went through a 5-week trip around the country and I used it to back-up my photos of my travels. Half of my photos were backed up elsewhere but this thumb drive has half of my photos and a total of 29GB was used on the drive – as much as it could take. My camera is set on the largest setting and I save both the JPEG and RAW images from my camera, that’s why I eat a lot of space. The drive gets detected by my laptop, a Sony Vaio E-series bought in 2010 but the files cannot be transferred at all. Please help I’m pretty desperate to have these files back as they are the first half of my trip and are all very important.

Imation Stick Drive 16GB
I have a straight up Imation stick drive with a maximum storage capacity of 4GB. I bought this in an electronic store and I use it semi-regularly to transfer files. We don’t have an office network so we usually email ourselves items but with larger files, we use thumb drives to transfer between computers just because it’s faster. I am asking for with data recovery with this device. It gets detected and all however, we cannot access it.

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