ASUS & HP Laptop


I have an Asus K52JC. I wanted to install a new RAM component into it so that there was a faster boot up time. I knew that many of the documents and folders that I had on the computer were slowing the boot up down, but I didn’t want to get rid of them, so I thought the RAM would be the ideal solution. I bought a new RAM for the computer, but it seems to have reacted badly with the motherboard and the other sticks of RAM that were already there. The laptop crashed badly, and I am not able to recover it. I tried to get the first old stick to boot me back into the POST screen, hoping that I could get back into the BIOS pages and recover some of the data in the laptop. However, this did not work. I then tried the other old RAM stick, and that boots up, but not far enough that I can get into the BIOS. I have not been able to open up the OS, which is where the files and photos that I want to keep are located.

HP G62:

I have been using an HP G62 laptop which had some information placed into a NAS, including family photographs and a few official documents. The laptop was the only machine using the NAS, and it was connecting fine until recently, when it suddenly dropped off the internet. I don’t have any other computer to connect to the NAS, and so in order to recover the data which is stored on the external server, I need to be able to get my laptop to speak to the NAS again. Using a cable, I have been able to connect the laptop for a short period to the NAS, but I was not able to hold the connection long enough to start the data transfer, so the data is still out of my reach. Some of the information on the drive is very important, and as the laptop is the only system that I have for downloading it. Is there some way to get my data back from the external drive, now that the laptop has lost the connection?