Mac Data Recovery

iMAC 2006:

I have an iMac computer which was made in late 2006. I have recently updated the drivers in order to let the computer work with modern systems which need better drives. However, after I did this, it seems as though I have lost a lot of the audio data from my computer. Each time I try to play a piece of music, there is no sound, and iTunes puts up a message saying that it could not run properly. iTunes then freezes until I shut the whole program down. When I have tried to get the audio files working through the drivers, the system only gets so far, and then says ‘device will not start’. I have tried my headphones in another computer, and they are working fine, but when it comes to using my music or video files, the iMac will just stop playing after a few minutes. As far as I can tell, it is not a problem with the audio drivers, and an IT friend has said that there is no problem with the computer as a whole. It is just a problem with the audio data. I need to recover the audio files as I have spent thousands on them.


I have an EVO 250GB hard drive which I use in a Macbook Pro in order to provide extra storage. The Evo is supposed to work well in the Mac, and so when I first installed it, I saved a lot of data to the drive. However, since it has first formatted the drive, and used it that one time, the Macbook is now insisting that I initialise the drive again, and says that it is not able to open the hard drive. I am able to see the drive in Disk Utilities, but it is only an empty folder, because when I try to open it, the computer won’t allow me to. I thought that maybe I would need to update some drivers, but could only find Windows PC drivers for the hard drive. I don’t understand how it could be working for one day, and then suddenly become incompatible.