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Buffalo Data Recovery


I have been using a Buffalo Linkstation as a backup device for my laptop, but there seems to be a problem with the drives that I am using. I had been struggling to get Web Access through the device until I updated the Firmware. I was able to access all of the folders from the Web, and it seemed as though everything was working well. However, when I go into the Linkstation itself, I am no longer able to view the folders. The only thing which can be seen is the Users tab, than then Local Users. There are no other folders, including those for shared, Network, Extensions or Systems. When I was changing the Web Access connections after updating the Firmware, I also changed the password and names of my Linkstation, as it didn’t seem very secure. As I am an administrator for my computer, I don’t see why this should stop me from viewing things on the hard drive, and yet it seems like everything is gone.


I recently tried to upgrade my Buffalo Linkstation with more space. I had previously been using a 1TB drive, which ran on RAID1, and I bought 2 WD RED drives with 3TB in order to upgrade. I thought that I did everything right when I was installing it, and there were several stages where the computer suggested that the installation had been a success. I used mdadm to upgrade the RAID size in order to accommodate the new memory size, and I also changed all of the info in mdstat so that it all matched up. I thought that this was the right thing to do, but when I came to try and use the new size, I found that my Linkstation still thinks that it only has a capacity of 1TB. The Linkstation won’t allow me to save any more files to the drives, and is warning that my memory capacity is low. I don’t understand what went wrong. I have reconnected the old drives to access my data and now I cannot read my data as it is saying that I need to reset up the system.