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Iomega Data Recovery Services


I have a small problem with an Iomega Silver Series External Hard Drive, with 320gb of memory. It was working fine until the device fell off of the desk I work on. At first, I feared that I had broken the drive itself, but it has not stopped working completely, so that I can still access the Iomega external hard drive from My Computer. The main problem appears to be the fan which is inside the drive, and which prevents the drive from overheating. It seems as though the fan is just spinning around, and I can hear slight clattering noises when I turn the machine on. It seems quite hot, hotter than before and I cannot copy any files from the disk without it timing out. What is the best way to get the files off the drive?


I have been using an Iomega external hard drive for some time as a backup for my work, and for personal items such as photographs, home videos, excel docs, word docs etc. Unfortunately, while clearing the files recently, I accidently clicked on an important folder containing photos, and it was deleted. The Iomega drive is not connected to my PC’s waste bin, and I cannot find a location where the drive would have placed them. I just want to get those files, and realise that it is now too late to press the ‘undo’ button. I have tried to located them without success on my computer, and it seems as though the only location was in the hard drive. I am hoping that the files will not actually be deleted from the drive, only removed from the hidden part, and I was wondering if yourselves can help me to get the files. The Iomega hard drive has no separate recycling bin, unfortunately, so I know it is not there. These photographs are the only ones I have, and I really need to recover them. Can you assist in recovering the folder, and recovering the contents without having to recover all of the documents I had just deleted?