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LaCie Data Recovery


An accident occurred recently with my Lacie hard drive, which meant that the USB port has snapped off completely. I can plug it into an adapter, and the drive will boot up, and I can hear it whirring around the case, just like normal. However, when I tried to get into the disk through My Computer, it says that I will have to format the disk before I can do any further. I have not done this so far, as I have been confused by the request and don’t want to reformat the drive as I need the data from it. I have never moved the drive from this computer, and it has been plugged in almost all the time (apart from during the aftermath of the accident). Now, I am not particularly technical, but neither am I unused to computers.


I have a Lacie Big Disk external hard drive, which until recently has been no problem at all. What has happened is that I can get the drive to mount up to my computer, but then am not able to see any of the files which were stored on there. There should have been no problem at all, as I did not delete the files, and nothing occurred with the Lacie hard drive that could have caused it to fail, but it has. The information is still visible when I am using Disk Utilities, and at first it showed that there was 270gb of data, with the remainder of the 500gb free, although the files were not visible. I used the Disk Utility with the Verify instruction, but it then completely froze. Pressing Repair worked, and allowed me to view the drive again, but now it is showing as having the full 500gb free to use. Another data recovery program saw only one folder, and even that was empty. I don’t know what else to do in order to get back the data that I had on the drive except use your recommended data recovery services, I hope you can help me!