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Netgear Data Recovery


I am trying to discover a way to recover some data which was lost after using a Netgear Readynas storage device. The problem occurred after I decided to upgrade my machine, from an XP to a Windows 7 program. There is another computer attached which currently runs Windows Vista. Although I can see some of the files (about 50%) I have already saved to the Netgear hard drive when I am on the Vista computer, when I look at the Windows 7, I am having trouble seeing not only the files and data saved on the Netgear, but also the Readynas device itself, or any of the other systems which are linked to it. It is as though the program is no longer connected to the Readynas hard drive. However, this is not the case, because if I put in the IP address of the drive, I can see it, and look at the files. I cannot open them, however, because they are ‘Not Readable’ according to the machine. I tried to go through all the ‘share’ motions, and they all seemed ok. The Windows 7 computer can clearly see the data, so why can’t I access it, and why isn’t it available in My Computer like it is on the Vista?


I purchased a Netgear Readynas 300 external storage unit in 2012, and at first everything seemed to be ok. I had some previous experience in building NAS at my work, and so it was not hard to set up. I had 2TB of hard drive space, which I formatted before use, and which was accepted by my computer. For many months, I happily installed data onto the Netgear Readynas drives, and it seemed as though I was doing ok. Time Machine happily sent information from the computer to the drives, and I thought there was no problem. However, we needed to configure not only the username and password for admin, but also individual IDs. This is where the problems started, because I have now found that I cannot recover the data I have saved to the files, no matter how hard I try to set up the IDs to allow both reading and writing of documents. The Readynas has hidden our files completely. Even after searching the manual, and proceeding as they suggest, these files are still hidden and inaccessible.