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Recover Data From Synology Network Attached Storage


I bought a Synology DiskStation 213+ recently. I needed to upgrade to a new NAS, and thought that this looked powerful enough to handle my home office and my family’s needs. The device has never worked properly. Even during the initial start up, the set up and formatting was stalled, and then the NAS froze, and I could not get it to respond. Even after I tried to turn the power button off, it would not do anything. Eventually, I pulled the cord from the back, and the system shut down. Since that day, the DiskStation has never worked. Synology Tech support have said that it is my fault, and have refused to replace the drive. I’ve tried to run it on two different computers, I’ve bought new hard disks to replace the ones already inside the machine, and I have even bought new cables and Ethernet links to try and get it working. When I try to put the DiskStation on, it takes a very long time to boot up, and then just looses connections with the router, forcing it to reboot. This repeats until I close it down. Can you help me recover the data on the Synology DiskStation?


I am trying to get my old Synology DiskStation connected to my new iMac so I can read the data on it. I thought this would be easy, as most of the devices I am used to are simply ‘plug and play’ types. However, the DiskStation seems to be very complicated, and I don’t really know what is going wrong. I was told to install a file .pat, which was on the disk. Then I had to update that as there was a newer version. The disk started initialising, and then I got a message asking me to put my router to the 23 port. This was apparently for error checking, which I didn’t understand. It then told me to contact Tech support. However, I have clicked over the router into the port, and still nothing is happening. It won’t format the drives for an RAID (not that I want to format them!), and there is a constant stream of error messages. I needed to get this setup to access the data, at this stage I need the data recovered from the Synology system.