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Client Emails – Hitachi Hard Disk Recovery Issues

CinemaStar C5K1000
Hi! I am a small business owner and recently installed a Network Security IR 4CH CCTV Video Audio DVR System. I have found that with all four of my cameras operating at 120 frames per second (as I find the 30fps just appalling quality and would do no good at all if ever something goes down in front of the cameras) having the readily installed 500GB hard drive just insufficient. So far so good but after 6 weeks all 4 cameras stopped working at the same time. This would not normally be a problem but there was an accident inside our restaurant and we need to see the video footage to see if the claim is genuine and also to ensure our insurance will cover the claim as we need security cameras as part of our insurance policy. The cameras record onto a Linux file system as I have checked with the security camera manufacturers. We need this job completed within 24 hours.

Hitachi Touro Mobile MX3 1TB
I ran into my hard drive late last year when I got a really great package from my local electronics store. I’ve been using the 2.0 cord for my older laptop. However, when I tried to install and transfer files to my work desktop, the 3.0 seems to have failed me. Swapping the cords for another connector doesn’t seem to work. It lights up and gets powered up however accessing the data cannot be done as it is not being detected at all. Despite trying to manually search for it, it just doesn’t come up as a device. Since then, plugging it back to the old 2.0 on my home laptop, it’s been acting weird. It would be detected, in the middle of data transfer when the transfer would get cut and the drive would not be detected at all. It should be noted though that the drive was dropped one time from a height of 2 feet and falling on some carpeting. And that I have never tried my Hitachi with a 3.0 prior to the drop. The problem with the 2.0 only started happening AFTER the drop AND after the 3.0 connection attempt.