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Client Emails – IBM Hard Disk Recovery Issues

IBM 320 GB Internal Hard Drive
I have an IBM internal hard drive on my current Dell PC. The hard drive worked for 4 years and then one day without any warning the Dell PC would not boot up. I contacted Dell support who made me run some tests and then take apart the PC to test various components. Dell technical support eventually after 6 hours confirmed that there was a hard drive failure. The IBM is 320GB in size and contains all my business data for my small cake making business. Can the data be recovered from the HDD?

IBM 160GB ATA Hard Drive
I haven’t really worked on IBM Thinkpad laptops, so I am not sure how to proceed. My aunt has recently passed me on to me a fairly old Thinkpad with an equally old Travelstar hard drive. It works pretty OK for an old laptop, and I haven’t really experienced some serious issues with it until a few days ago. Here’s the problem: The hard drive seems to be locked! Right after the laptop turns on, a password prompt comes up. I know it’s not the CMOS password at all. My aunt does not know the password but needs me to recover all the files from the IBM disk. Can you remove the password from the disk and extract the data?