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Client Emails – Seagate Hard Disk Recovery Issues

I’m using a Seagate ST31000524AS 1TB SATA drive in my computer, which is running with a 32MB cache, and since the middle of the summer the drive has been reporting intermittently problems. Mostly the errors consist of bad sectors or clusters that I can get away with if I use the defragmenter or chkdsk tools on Windows XP Home but in the last few weeks the problem has intensified to the point where it will let me store files and folders but will not allow me to open them once they are saved. I thought that it was an issue with the permissions on my Windows XP account but when I looked it says I am set as an administrator so I have full permissions. I have tried to clone the drive and copy it off onto an external drive but it wont have any of it and I am now getting very worried about how long I have before the drive packs up altogether. Occasionally the hard drive disappears from the my computer section but is still visible in the BIOS and System Info and when I restart the drive appears back in the my computer section. I’m wondering if I can get the stuff I need off the drive before it dies completely but without being able to copy it to an external or secondary built in drive I’m stuck. Are you able to help me?

I wonder if you might be able to shed some light on my problem. My son is using a Seagate HDDR500E03X 500GB USB drive to keep all of his college work safe from any problems that may occur on the main computer we are using. The data on the drive is very important which is why we are using an external drive. Everything was fine when we bought the drive but it is now just outside its warranty and neither the online retailer we bought it from nor Seagate will help us. They say that the likelihood is the drive has been damaged in transit but it has never been moved since we placed it next to the computer. Three lights come on when you plug in the USB and then the lights go off and it is not recognizable. This happens regardless of what computer we plug it into. Someone suggested it might be the USB cable so we changed it and the problem still occurs. Indeed it happens plugging the USB into a four-port hub as well. We are now in a position where my son is going to start mock exams after Christmas and he needs access to the drive to get at his coursework et al. Is there a way round this? Can you get at the information and copy it off for us?