Western Digital Data Recovery

Western Digital Data Recovery

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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from failed hard disks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you through the minefield of recovering data that might otherwise be considered lost.
Western Digital Data Recovery

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Critical Service £795

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Hard Drive Recovery Nottingham

Problems That Can Cause WD Hard Drive Failure:

If your WD hard drive fails, there can be several reasons for the malfunction and it is imperative that diagnosis of the issue is carried out by a trained data recovery specialist to prevent loss of any important data from your system. There are particular signals that you can look out for to recognise if your hard drive may be on the path to failure, such as grunt/grind sounds, ticking noise, a blue screen on your PC or laptop and the system slowing down or failing to load. If you experience anything of this nature you should immediately shut down your computer and seek the services of a data recovery specialist. Taking this immediate action when impending hard drive failure is noticed will result in an increased likelihood of recovering your data. Below we note some of the most frequent types of WD hard drive failure that we have successfully recovered data from:

Malfunction of WD Hard Drive Mechanics:

The warning signs for this type of failure are usually sounds such as beeps, clicks, whirrs and buzzing. Buzzes or beep sounds are usually a sign of motor breakdown. Click sounds are usually a sign of a failure of the write or read heads, and this usually comes after the WD hard drive being dropped or bashed. We have successfully recovered data from many hard drives that have suffered these types of failure.

WD Hard Drives Formatted Incorrectly or By Mistake:

WD Hard drives are commonly formatted accidentally and it is easily done with an accidental click. Common errors including initialising errors whereby the hard drive is unable to read certain part of the disk. Accidentally deleted files are also common and no matter how long it has been (even years) since the erroneous file removal we can still assist you in recovering data from files deleted by mistake.

Breakdown of WD Hard Disk Parts:

Power surges can cause for WD hard disk components to become damaged and break or fail. In the majority of instances you hard drive will die from this type of issue, however we have a good track record of data recovery from dead hard disks.

WD Hard Drive Firmware Discrepancies:

WD Firmware is a permanently embedded software program which enables the computer and hard drive to communicate with one another. Sections (aka platters) of the hard drive usually contain codes for the firmware however if any of the platters become impaired or broken, the entire hard drive will fail regardless of whether all other parts are in good condition. We have successfully been able to provide data recovery services from hard disks with on-board firmware issues.

Frozen, Slow or Sluggish WD Hard Drive:

These issues are usually a sign that your WD hard drive is becoming damaged or degraded. Usually this means that the hard drive’s sectors are unable to allow data to be written on or read from them, or that the hard disk is incorrectly allocating bad sectors. Usually you are unable to copy files or data from the HDD, or you may experience folders or files disappearing and reappearing spontaneously. We have been highly successful with data recovery from hard drives that are freezing or operating slowly.

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