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Client Emails – WD Hard Disk Recovery Issues

Western Digital SATA HDD
My hard drive, which is a Western Digital SATA HDD, was working okay two days ago but when I used it today, it isn’t anymore. When I turned on my computer, the HDD was making a clicking noise. I read online that this probably means that my HDD on its way to breaking down. Now, it is no longer detected on BIOS but when I open the computer I can hear it turn on and spin. After that, I hear clicks several times and then spinning stops. After some time, it retries spinning then clicks then stops again. I tried to remove it out of the computer and try it on another desktop but it still doesn’t work. I replaced the SATA cable and tried another power supply but it still kept clicking. Basically, the hard drive is no longer detected and so I couldn’t back up the files I have on it.

Western Digital WD400
I use a Western Digital WD400 HDD on an old Dell PC. It has worked great for 10 years but now it is not booting up. I contacted Dell support and they said to replace HDD. I brought the PC to a local computer repair shop and they said the HDD had a physical fault and needed a data recovery specialist to recover the files. I looked online and found your company.