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Sony Laptop Data Recovery


I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ430E laptop which is having problems turning on. Sometimes, when I go to put the power on, I can get no response at all, the lights just won’t come on. I know that the laptop is fully powered, because I can see the cable is installed correctly, and there is a charging light on at the side. However, when I press the power on button, I can only see two lights, one from the button I have just pressed, and the other from the battery. Sometimes, when I press the on button, there is no power light, either, and I have to take out the battery. Often, if I have to do a restart to the computer, I need to wait a few hours, or sometimes even a few days, and then the power light will turn on, and I can actually get the computer to start up but it only gets to chkdsk and then restarts after it runs for a few hours.


I have a Sony Vaio laptop which is not able to boot up into the Windows OS. I have not been able to recover it so far, and I have even tried to put in the system recovery disk. What happens when I do that is that the system will not allow me to access the disk, and instead tells me that there is a fault in it. This is the disk which came with the laptop, so I don’t understand what that means. I also cannot get into the Vaio menu by pressing the F10 key, instead what happens is that it just goes into a blank screen, with a cursor at the top. However, when I press F10 on restart after the menu has not come up, I get a list of disks and things on my system. This seems to include a hidden partition in the laptop which I know nothing about.