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Recovering Data from a Toshiba Laptop


I bought a very ancient Toshiba Laptop at a local yard sale. It is old enough to date from around 1994, I think, and is marked as a T4700CS. I firstly got an over-voltage error, and occasionally since the purchase I have plugged it in and tried to fire it up, because I feel lucky. On the last occasion, I suddenly got an Under-voltage error. This rather surprised me, and so I tried to reboot it. I got a flashing cursor, and nothing else. Then, I saw a blank floppy in the drive. I don’t know if this is mine, or someone else’s, so I removed it and tried to reboot it. I got a message ‘CMOS error BAD CHECK SUM. It then asked me to check the system, and then press F1. I pressed F1 then got a black screen of death. I rebooted again, and am now in the BIOS system.


I need some help with the hard drive from a now-deceased Toshiba Satellite PC laptop. I have taken out the hard drive because I need to get data which is on there into another computer system. I bought a SATA power cable so that I could connect the hard drive to the computer, and then decided to try it out on another laptop I have, which has the Windows 7 operating system as my defunct laptop had. The desktop has Vista so I wanted to try the hard drive using the same OS first. I connected it up, but when I try to get the drive opened by clicking on the letter, it asks me if I want to format the drive. I have said ‘no’ because I don’t want to lose all of the data on it.