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The Best Way To Deal With Recovering Data From A Gateway Desktop PC


I have a problem with a 505GR Gateway desktop computer which is not running the hard drive. The drive is not a new one, so might have failed, but it was working fine until yesterday. I came downstairs to turn on the computer as usual, and instead of the hard drive spinning around so that the OS would load up, there was absolutely nothing. I could hear the fans turning around, and I can see that there is the usual green light on my motherboard when I boot it up. It is only the hard drive which is still and silent. I am a college student, and a lot of research and work is on that drive, including some essays which need to be submitted soon. I don’t want to lose this data, and I am concerned that the hard drive is not moving at all.


I have a Gateway 505, which I have had for a while now. However, it seems to have stopped working properly, and I am struggling to get it going now. When it was working, the computer would shut down, and then start up again for no reason at all. It is running much more slowly, and sometimes I find files and data records which don’t seem to be related to things that I have done on the computer. When I look at them, they seem to be almost a log of things which have been going on in the computer. I ran several types of virus and malware checker, and tried to remove as many unwanted programs as possible, but now computer will not start at all and I am getting unknown boot device when I try to start up windows.