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Recover The Data From Your HP Desktop PC


I have an Envy Phoenix, which I purchased not that long ago. I have used it as a work computer, and have saved a large amount of data onto the files. When I started it up this morning, I heard a very odd noise coming from inside the case, which sounds rather like a piece of loose sheet metal rattling around inside the computer. I turned on the system, and thought that I would be able to shut out the noise once I got started. However, the computer only started up as far as BIOS, and then reported that there was no drive available. The black screen offered me a number of choices, including a system check and a restart. I opted to check the hard drive, since I knew that I had saved some work to the computer the night before. The check began, and the screen switched to a bright blue screen. I thought that this was bad news, and I got a report that said there was a problem with the hard drive. I have a lot of data on this drive, and need to recover all of the work files and folders that are on the system currently.


I am using an HP Pavilion HPE system. I have had it less than a month, but it is already displaying an error sign when I turn it on. The error code asks me what operating system I wish to choose, and then offers me only Windows 7. I don’t understand why it is asking me this, but I select Windows 7 anyway. It then shows me a guided tour of its error and repair screens, and nothing that I can do can stop this cycle. While it is doing its repair, it will freeze. I have also got a message from the computer saying that it could not repair the hard drive because it was corrupt. This is why I need professional help with my problem, because I have work on the computer which is not saved to any other location. I am self-employed, so only have this computer, and I have not backed up the information which would have been on the computer.