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Data Recovery From Packard Bell PCs


I have a Packard Bell iMedia computer which is showing some problems. I have essentially lost a lot of data from this computer, more specifically during an upgrade which went wrong. I decided to try to recover the OS drive using the System Restore point, as I would only have lost a few pieces of work then. However, when I selected the restore point, the computer said that there was not a valid format number for the restore. It then requested the Master CD for the operating system, and I would also have to put the number for the credentials into the system. I am happy with restoring the computer to an earlier setting, as not much data will be lost, but if I have to use an even earlier restore point, or even do a full recovery, then I might suffer the loss of data, some of which is very valuable. I don’t want to risk losing the data in this way, and I am hoping that it will all be recoverable.


Hello. I am using a Packard Bell OneTwo 5351, which has been in operation for a long time. I have saved a lot of data onto it, and don’t want to risk losing it. The problem is that the computer repeatedly freezes when I try to transfer data to and from the computer. This means that any files currently on the computer are stuck there for the moment. My suspicions are that the computer is overheating, making the hard drive too hot. This in turn overheats when I try to open it up in order to extract data. The act of transferring the data is too much for the hard drive and so it freezes up. I am therefore in the difficult position of needing to get the data.