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Get Your Important Files Back With USB Data Stick Recovery

Sandisk Connect 32GB
I went through a 5-week trip around the country and I used it to back-up my photos of my travels. Half of my photos were backed up elsewhere but this thumb drive has half of my photos and a total of 29GB was used on the drive – as much as it could take. My camera is set on the largest setting and I save both the JPEG and RAW images from my camera, that’s why I eat a lot of space. The drive gets detected by my laptop, a Sony Vaio E-series bought in 2010 but the files cannot be transferred at all. Please help I’m pretty desperate to have these files back as they are the first half of my trip and are all very important.

Imation Stick Drive 16GB
I have a straight up Imation stick drive with a maximum storage capacity of 4GB. I bought this in an electronic store and I use it semi-regularly to transfer files. We don’t have an office network so we usually email ourselves items but with larger files, we use thumb drives to transfer between computers just because it’s faster. I am asking for with data recovery with this device. It gets detected and all however, we cannot access it.