Case Study 1: iMac 2013 version Power Issues

Client had an Apple iMac that died suddenly one day without warning. The iMac had been working fine without any problems for the previous 8 months. When client turned on the iMac a light would illuminate for a few seconds on front of iMac and then system would power down. It continues to do this and will not start up. Client brought the iMac to Apple Store but they only offered to replace hard drive. Data needed from the iMac included family photographs and some Autocad drawings needed for work.

We diagnosed that the iMac hard drive had Malware viruses. The malware caused corruption to the operating system files and hence the iMac would not boot up correctly. We imaged hard drive sector by sector and then ran a custom removal malware tool to remove any infected files. One of the client’s critical Autocad files was infected by malware, we successfully removed corruption from this file so that client got a working version of the Autocad file.

* If you have been hit with a Malware virus, we can recover your data.