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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from cameras. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Memory and SD Card Data Recovery

Reasons Why Camera Memory Cards Malfunction:

Memory cards can fail for a number of reasons. Chiefly among them are damage to the memory card on a physical level because the memory card is small and compact in design and is susceptible to damage if mistreated whilst in transit. Of course problems can arise with the memory card regardless of how much care is taken. This is simply a sad fact when it comes to any technology. Even the most careful of user can experience loss of data through no fault of their own. General wear and tear can cause the device to fail if the device has been used a lot. Whatever the reasons however we at Nottingham Data Recovery have years of experience in recovering data from memory cards so if your memory card should suddenly become inaccessible then you should make every attempt to keep the card safe and contact us at your earliest convenience.

Camera Or Smart Phone Memory Card Physically Broken:

Formats such as SD, Micro SD, CF, SDHC, xD and memory sticks are all prone to damage on a physical level because of their size and fragility. Although internally they contain parts and electronics that allow them to operate as a hard drive would, one of the contributing factors in their demise is the fact that they are made of lightweight components. Other issues that may result in the physical destruction of a memory card are exposure to extreme heat or cold as well as accidental submergence in any kind of liquid such as water that may lead to damage being caused to the pins and connectors both outside and in.

Camera Memory Card Electronics Destroyed:

Power surges have been known as one of the contributing factors in the destruction or malfunction of the electronics that are contained within a memory card. Many users tend to leave a memory card in the host device after use and as such find that upon trying to use them again they have been damaged because the host device has played host to an abnormal level of electricity. This current passing through the host device can lead to the memory card being damaged; in particular the thin oxide layer that passes through the floating gates inside the card. We at Nottingham Data Recovery have extensive experience in recovering data from memory cards that have had their electronic components damage through the introduction of high currents of electricity and as such we can recover the card’s data to a medium of your choice for safekeeping.

Accidental Formatting or Deletion of Card:

When you attempt to access a memory card via a desktop PC or laptop it is allocated a drive letter in the same way as an external hard drive or USB stick would be. To some extent this can cause confusion and it is not unknown for a user to accidentally delete or format the data from a memory card that has been left in a card reader because the user has mistaken it for another drive or storage device. The same can apply to formatting the card by mistake. Bearing this in mind however it is still possible for us here at Nottingham Data Recovery recover your data if you mistakenly delete it or format the memory card. On the understanding that the card has not been formatted after the initial mistaken format we can recover your data. And also if the data on the drive has not been overwritten by new drive there is a 99.9% chance that it can be retrieved. Contact us for more information on how we can recover your data to an alternative media should you inadvertently delete it.

Unrecognisable Memory Card as Determined By The Operating System:

Have you recently inserted a memory card into your computer’s memory card reader only for the computer to freeze? Has the operating system displayed the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ or issued you with conflict warnings in dialogue boxes? Has the computer instigated a warm reboot (a reboot similar to starting the computer for the first time without the user actually switching off)? If this is the case then there may well be an issue with the integrity of the memory card and as such you may need to have the data recovered. We are often charged with the task of retrieving our clients’ data when their memory card has failed or caused a conflict with the operating system. If you have experienced any of what we have described here then we recommend you contact us at your earliest convenience, making sure that the memory card has been removed from the computer in question and also making sure that the card is not used in any other computer.

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