Case Study 3: Dell Powedge 1600 Server – SQL Recovery

Dell Poweredge server unning windows 2010 server and consists of 5 disks in a raid 5 array. The system was working fine until the firmware was upgraded on the raid array by the IT support company that looks after the raid sever. Ther server is now giving a lot of errors on boot and the data files that resided on the 2nd volume have disappeared. The 1st volume with windows server located on it is fine. Client required a SQL Database from the 2nd volume.

We got ther client to remove the 5 disks in the server and sent a courier to collect the disks. We examined the disks and found that all disks had millions of bad sector issues on them. We have hardware sector imaging machines that can force read of bad sectors from hard drives. We imaged all 5 disks over 48 hours and processed the system for a full recovery of the SQL database the client needed.

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