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Camera Data Recovery


I have a Transcend TS16 camera memory card reader. I wanted to use the card in order to take a large number of photographs, perhaps around 100 pictures, before downloading. This is well below the amount that the card says that it can save, but during the photography session, the camera put up a message saying ‘memory card error’, and then failed. The card was no longer responding to any of the machines it was installed in, and I cannot get them to read it. They don’t even seem to realise that there is something connected, so both camera and USB port are completely blank when I come to try and read the data onto the computer. I have tried turning the camera off and back on again while the card is in it, and the camera is attached to the computer, but this is not working. I put the card into the reader, at least hoping to save the photographs that I did manage to take. I am not able to read any of the data which I know is on the card, and I can’t use recovery programs as the computer won’t recognise the card.


I am having a little bit of trouble with a camera memory card. I was using this to take a number of photographs as part of a collage assignment. I then took the camera home without downloading the photographs. Over the next few days, the camera was not used, but when I picked it up next, I may have pressed a button, or somehow initiated a sequence which meant that the camera wiped all of the data from the memory card. I tried to connect the camera to the computer to try and view the pictures on the card, but this was not successful. I also tried using a card reader, extracting the card from the camera. There does not seem to be any pictures left, and I really need them as they are a big part of the marks for the course, and they need to be viewed with the rest of the data during the assessment. Is there a way that I can get pictures back from a memory card which has been wiped, as opposed to one which has failed? I know I should have saved the data.