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Hard Drive Failure

I’ve got an Integral 512GB USB 3 external drive attached to my Toshiba laptop and have been using it to backup my CAD designs for the architectural firm I work for. It’s a good little drive but can’t cope with copying large file sizes so where possible I have been trying to keep the file size down to something manageable. The other problem I had with this drive was that reading from USB – which is how the drive is powered also – was incredibly slow so I would spend ages waiting for things to copy and that was why I didn’t notice the problem occurring. The problem was that the drive itself was so painfully slow that when the platters went it took ages to spot. I’m not sure if I banged it, set it down too hard or it got damaged in transit but somewhere along the lines something has happened to the heads. Then it hit me; this was a solid-state drive so there is no moving parts in it so what was causing the problem. The upshot is I don’t know what the problem is but I now have a drive that is filled with 5.5GB of drawings and CAD files that I need. Can you help me get those files back?

Bought a Platinum 103406 750GB external drive online for use with my Apple Mac and was chuffed when it arrived because it looked the business. Compact and sleek I thought I had made a good purchase and was looking forward to getting a whole host of stuff from CD to the drive so that I could keep it and use it as part of my home media system. I connected it up to my Mac (had to be OS X 10.3.9 or higher) and the Mac picked it up. So I set about the task of copying the files from CD to the drive after having formatted it. It took me several hours of opening and closing cases but at the end I had a nice new shiny external drive full of all my all time favourite tracks along with artwork and song sheets. My problem is however when I disconnected the drive from Mac and took it to my friend’s house it would not register on his Mac. They’re both the same operating system and update number so I don’t understand why they don’t work. The drive appears on the desktop but it not accessible and says that the drive has been formatted. I contacted the seller online who says he will happily exchange the drive for me but I’ve now disposed of all the old CDs so I need to get the contents of the drive copied somehow.