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Client Emails – Hard Disk Recovery Issues

I’ve got a Seagate ST3360320AS internal drive that seems to be working itself into some kind of meltdown. When I try to boot Vista x64 (I’m a big gamer) the screen displays the message ‘HARD DISK FAILURE IMMINENT PLEASE REPLACE IMMEDAITELY’. I have downloaded Seagate tools and it asks for the serial number but when I input it or have it search for it the tools programme says it cannot find it. I’ve filled out warrant validation forms and everything but Seagate still say they cannot verify the serial number so they can’t help me further. Since I used the Seagate tools programme I cant get access to my drive at all so I’m sitting with a computer I cant use. I’m thinking about getting a new drive but I need the stuff from the old drive – not worried about the operating system because I can install that – but there’s a whole load of zip files and disk img files I need. My mate suggested putting a new drive in and just using the Seagate as a slave but since I used the tools thing it wont let me access the drive in my machine or anyone elses. What can I do to get my files? And is there a hard drive you can recommend?

I’m an old fuddy duddy apparently when it comes to computers and have been using an old Windows XP computer for as long as I care to remember. It’s been a great machine and has been there through thick and thin even though most of its components are probably antiques by now. I switched it on the other day to check my emails only to find that when XP was starting up it suddenly went to a blue screen and said it was running chkdsk. It told me to run chkdsk or press any key to skip so I let it run. When it finished it reported bad files and clusters and then started XP as normal. I thought this was normal and happily carried on my way with what I was doing. It wasn’t until later when I rebooted the machine after a Windows security update that the problems really started. The drive wouldn’t access XP at all and just kept hanging on a black screen. It says that there is a drive failure and that I should press any key to continue. I’ve done that but all that happens is that the pc reboots and then asks me to do the same thing again. It’s a Compaq desktop pc and the hard drive is an IBM 39M4590 if that is any help. Is all my information lost because I need some emails from way back and I kept copies on my hard drive through Outlook.