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Recovering Data from a Laptop


I am having problems with my HP Pavilion G7. This laptop has been a big problem right out of the box, and in fact I have not been able to use it for a few months but now I need the data recovered from the laptop. I am now at a loss with what to do with this device, which is still in warranty, but which HP won’t take a look at as the warranty does not cover data recovery.


I received a message from my Gateway laptop saying that the hard drive was failing. I knew that it had been going more slowly in the last few weeks, but did not realise how serious the problem was. I knew that I had to act quickly in order to save data on the system, so I decided to try and reboot it in order to move on to the Windows Screen. However, on starting up again, it immediately went into a system recovery screen, and I saw that it was trying to install a lot of data. I could see it doing something, and in fact it took more than 36 hours to complete. During this time, it would not allow me to do anything, pressing buttons just created a ‘beep’ noise. Now I cannot get into the system at all. I get the message at the bottom of the screen saying ‘starting up’ along with the spinning circle, but nothing happens. If I press any key, it just starts up system recovery again. This happens repeatedly, and even when I have installed a recovery CD, the computer will not listen.