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RAID Server Repair


I have a Dell Server which is connected to a pair of hard drives made by Seagate. The server has been working well for nearly a year now, although I had to reboot the server at that time after the computer shut down suddenly. The server has had to be moved recently, as the hosting company wanted to move the server while they checked on their hosting. I powered it down, and confirmed that the power was off. The hosting company dismantled the system, moved the cabinet, and then switched the server back on. Since that time, I have only got a message from the system saying that the drive is not available. This happens each time I boot, and then I get a second message which said ‘Hard drive error’. Tests have confirmed that the first drive has failed. I am getting Self Test error code 4400. I have disconnected the failed drive, and trying to use the second on its own, but am still getting the same message. The server won’t recognise the drive. We need to get the data extracted from this system, while that is still possible.


I am having problems with a Dell Server which has died after being used for a while. I have 2 hard drives operating in an HP Smart array, model 500. The server is no longer working, and I had to move the drives. I don’t know what the original RAID was for the system, although I can see three partitions when I look on the computer. I set up the computer to rebuild the drives in the server as though it were for a RAID0 configuration, which is the setting I am familiar with, but I can’t open any of the drives. Only one can be seen, which is a folder only. The file is reported as corrupt. I bought a new server in order to get the system going again, but I have not been able to make the disks function. I am not sure what I can do now, after the failed rebuild, as I have a limited understanding of the other options in RAID. I need to be able to get the data out of the drives asap, most of which is not backed up to another source.