Lichfield Data Recovery

Data Recovery Lichfield: We began recovering data for our clients over a decade and a half ago and in that time have successfully recovered many thousands of terabytes of information that might have otherwise been lost forever. Our list of clients speaks for itself (check out our testimonials page and the scrolling bar at the bottom of this page) and our engineers have recovered important personal, business and financial information that would have left many users in something of a computer minefield. For more information on how we can help you recover your important information and for a no obligation quote call today on 0115 8220606.

Computers – they are as much a part of our everyday lives as television and as such we have come to rely on them heavily when it comes to storing all that important information we need for domestic and commercial use. Our data recovery Lichfield engineers have helped both domestic and commercial customers regain control of their data after the failings of many different storage devices and we have done so using up-to-date recovery technology, our own bespoke recovery processes and a wealth of experience gathered over the years by our team.

Sometimes the home computer user fails to realise just how reliant they have become on their home computer (desktop or laptop) until it no longer functions and when this happens our data recovery Lichfield engineers are called upon to help bridge the gap between misplaced and lost altogether.

It may be family photographs, music you have collected, old videos you have compiled from VHS, or even your home accounts, but whatever the nature of the data on your home computer’s hard drive we know that it will have some value to you because you have taken the time to collate it. To this end we offer a hard drive recovery process that can allow for the retrieval of such data and have it returned to you in a format that makes it easy for you to start again.

My hard drive has failed; have I really lost  my data?

We are pleased to say that in 99.9% of cases the answer is no. Our data recovery Lichfield engineers can and do recover data from a variety of storage devices that to most people would be considered beyond hope. We do this using our own bespoke recovery practices plus the latest in recovery technology and unless the storage device has been shattered beyond recognition there is a very good chance that we can reunite you with your data.

To find out how our data recovery Lichfield team can help recover your data call today on 0115 8220606 and speak to a member of our engineering team. They will provide you with an initial diagnosis of the problem along with a no obligation quote and will talk you through the various stages of the process. (There may be an additional charge if the drive has suffered mechanical damage). If you are happy that we can recover your data and can do so to your budget then we ask that you send the affected device to us at our data recovery Lichfield and Staffordshire centre. You can do this by Royal Mail (we heartily recommend registering or recording your package for peace of mind as we cannot be held responsible for lost items), courier or even in person if you are close by.

Having taken possession of your storage device our data recovery Lichfield team will make a definitive diagnosis of the problem and then come back to you with their findings. They will send you an email detailing the nature of the issue plus a list of all data that can be recovered (if your data exceeds our mandatory 30GBs limit then we ask that you buy an external storage device from our stock). Once happy that we can recover your data we ask that you make payment to us via credit/debit card or BACS payment. Upon receiving payment we will recover your data to its new medium and return it to you by next day courier. To find out more, request a no obligation quote or to book in a failed storage device, call today on 0115 8220606; our lines are open from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday as is our data recovery centre.