Lincoln Data Recovery

Data Recovery Lincoln: From businesses with multi-million pound turnovers to the individual computer user, we offer a highly successful data recovery service tailored to the needs of the end user. Call today on 0115 8220606 for more information on how we can help you retrieve your lost or inaccessible data and for a no obligation quotation.

Whether it’s a desktop PC, a laptop, a mobile telephone, a tablet device, a RAID server or a mainframe, the use of hard drives and other storage devices is prevalent. Our data recovery Lincoln personnel are only too aware of the pitfalls that can befall users of such devices especially if they are unable to access important or sentimental data stored on them.

On a daily basis our data recovery Lincoln engineers are asked to help recover data from machines that fit in your hand to machines that fill an entire room. And in doing so we have developed the skills and the technology to make the process (regardless of the machine) as painless and as cost effective as possible.

You might think it takes a long time to fill a hard drive but the reality is it doesn’t. Start downloading your favourite music, collating your family photographs or producing graphic intensive design work and watch the hard disk space disappear. With the aid of the most up-to-date technology our data recovery Lincoln engineering team is able to retrieve this valuable data – irrespective of its type – from a whole host of devices in a timely and professional manner. We can even provide you with on-site assistance if the device requiring recovery is a RAID or multiple drive system.

RAID array failing to mirror data.

With RAID arrays the principle is simple. Data is saved to one drive and then mirrored across the others in order for it to be used by a greater number of users whilst maintaining its integrity. As we say the principle is a simple one but the practice can be far from simple and our data recovery Lincoln staff has been called upon to help with the rebuilding of a RAID device after a failed device has been removed, recovered and replaced with a new one.

If you have had a drive fail and need assistance in recovering its contents call us today on 0115 8220606. Our data recovery Lincoln engineers are on hand to help with your queries and can offer you a preliminary diagnosis by telephone. They will also provide you with details of our No Fix No Fee policy plus an obligation-free quote (an additional charge may be applicable if the drive has suffered mechanical damage). The next item on the agenda once you have agreed to the quote is getting the drive to us. You can do this by sending it via post or courier or in person to our data recovery Lincoln and Lincolnshire centre.

When we have received the drive our data recovery Lincoln engineers will run diagnostics to conclusively diagnose the problem. Once they have they will send you a detailed list of files and folders to be recovered by email. If you are happy with what we have told you we can go ahead and recover the data after receipt of payment via BACS transfer or credit/debit card. (We may ask that you purchase an external storage device if the data to be recovered is larger than 30GBs). We will send your recovered data back to you by next day courier. Call us today on 0115 8220606 for further information on how we can help you retrieve data that you might have otherwise considered lost and the levels of service we offer depending on your budget and your timescale for accessing the data. Our telephone lines and data recovery centre are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm (Christmas Day and Easter excluded).