North Warwickshire Data Recovery

Data Recovery North Warwickshire: Our engineers offer you the opportunity to reclaim your data from a device that would otherwise be consigned to landfill. Hard drives, solid state drives, external hard disk drives, portable storage media, RAID server drives and USB-connectable devices. Call us today on 0115 8220606 before throwing away your old media for advice and a no obligation quotation.

Many people fail to realise that their data can be recovered from drives or external storage devices that have suffered a failure. From business users to individual home computer users, our data recovery North Warwickshire engineers have helped them all recover data that had previously been considered ready to be thrown away.

It can be very frustrating to find that your hard drive has ceased to function in the way it should. This can be especially upsetting if the drive has data on it of value to you on a personal level, or your business as a whole. Our data recovery North Warwickshire technicians are experience and accomplished at recovering data from a whole host of drives and devices that may have seen better days physically but have enough life left in them for us to retrieve that all important information.

Our hard drive recovery personnel spend their time dealing with customers just like you. Internal or external drives, USB memory sticks and memory cards, they have recovered data from them all as well as larger units such as mainframes, RAID servers, Exchange servers, virtual clusters and older setups such as the titan known as the IBM AS/400.

We were running parallel when our old drive failed!

It can happen and it often does happen. From banking institutions to manufacturing houses our data recovery North Warwickshire engineers have been called in to help recover data from drives that have failed in the midst of a duel run. Running an old system and new system side by side is tricky enough at the best of times but this can become something of a nightmare if the original drive containing the existing and most up-to-date data fails.

If you have had a drive fail in the midst of a duel run call us today on 0115 8220606. Our data recovery North Warwickshire technicians can help diagnose the problem and also provide a no obligation quote (an additional charge may apply if the drive has suffered mechanical damage). We’ll talk you through how we can help recover your data and the timescales involved and also the levels of service we have that can be used to help facilitate recovery within your time frame. You can send the drive to us at our data recovery North Warwickshire and Warwickshire centre by post, courier or if you are in urgent need you can deliver it personally.

Once we receive the failed drive our data recovery North Warwickshire engineers will get to work on producing a final diagnosis and reporting back to you with our findings. We do this by email and will provide you with an extensive list of the files, folders and other data that can be recovered from the faulty drive. If you are happy to proceed we ask for payment via credit or debit card or BACS transfer (we do not accept payment via PayPal) and on receipt of payment we will recover your data to a new storage media or device. (If the data is larger than 30GBs then we will ask you to purchase an external storage device from our stocks to recover the data to). If you take advantage of our critical service we can provide you with a download link (only available with our critical service) where you can download the recovered data at your end within one day. For more information on how we can recover the data from your drive that is necessary to complete your parallel run – or get it back on track – contact us on 0115 8220606. Our data recovery centre and telephone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and are manned during these hours (we are closed Christmas Day and Easter).