South Kesteven Data Recovery

Data Recovery South Kesteven: We offer our customers in South Kesteven and Lincolnshire the surrounding areas the chance to retrieve lost or inaccessible data from a variety of hard drives, external hard disk drives, RAID arrays, servers, solid state drives and USB-connectable storage devices. For more information on how we can recover your data and for a no obligation quotation contact us today on 0115 8220606.

When it comes to hard drives there are a plethora of things that can go wrong and among these is the issue of hardware failure. Hardware failure will occur if the drive has been overly used or has been subject to manufacturing using components that have been below par and have escaped the eye of quality control. This use of sub-standard components automatically weakens them and makes for a reduced life expectancy sometimes referred to as ‘infant mortality’ if a drive fails in its first year. Our data recovery South Kesteven engineers have been called on many times over the past 16 + years to retrieve customers’ data from hard drives that have failed because of poorly manufactured drives.

A great number of the brands of computer that our data recovery South Kesteven technicians come into contact with are fitted with hard drives that have not been manufactured by the computer’s maker and instead have been brought in from other companies and used as part of an assembly. An example of this would be say a Packard Bell computer which might contain a Western Digital drive, depending on model number and year of manufacture. And because there are a wide variety of computer manufacturers using components purchased from other producers this can sometimes lead to issues of quality.

This is of course an example; there are many makes of computer that are subject to hard drive issues for this very reason. But the point to make is that because a computer is branded with a particular name it does not mean necessarily that the machine itself has been manufactured solely by that company. Over the years our data recovery team has bore witness to many different component manufacturers supplying big names with a variety of components for their computers.

The warranty for my computer does not cover the data on the hard drive.

The above can be and indeed is a sore point for computer users but it is worth noting that a great number of the hard drives (indeed the computers in which they are installed) do not have warranties that cover for the recovery of the data. It is widely accepted as an unwritten rule that the consumer will be responsible for the safety of their own data and therefore most storage device manufacturers do not account for the recovery of data should the device fail. To this end our data recovery South Kesteven technicians are called upon to help recover the data from drives which have malfunctioned and have no data recovery clause in the warranty.

If you have found yourself in the midst of just such a situation contact us today on 0115 8220606 and speak to one of our data recovery South Kesteven staff who will guide you through an initial assessment. They will be able to give a preliminary diagnosis of the problem as well as a no obligation quote. (The quote may contain an additional charge if the drive has suffered mechanical problems). They will also discuss our No Fix No Fee guarantee with you. If you want to go ahead with the recovery then the next step is to send your drive to us at our data recovery South Kesteven and Lincolnshire centre via the Royal Mail, or courier, or deliver it in person if you so choose.

Having received your drive our data recovery South Kesteven team will confirm the diagnosis and send you an email which will detail exactly what data can be recovered from your drive. Once you have received this and have confirmed you want us to continue we require payment via BACS transfer or credit/debit card. (If the data we are recovering for you is larger than 30GBs allowance we allocate you then you are required to purchase an external storage device which can be purchased from our stocks). Our engineers will talk you through the range on offer. Then we will recover your data and return it to you via next day courier. To discuss your data recovery requirements call us today on 0115 8220606 and speak to one of our team. Our telephone lines and data recovery centre are open from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday (Christmas Day and Easter excepted).