South Staffordshire Data Recovery

Data Recovery South Staffordshire: Hard drives, external hard disk drives, RAID arrays, Network Assisted Storage (NAS), virtual cluster storage, USB memory sticks, memory cards – we can recover data from all of these and many other storage devices besides. Call us today on 0115 8220606 to find out how we can help recover your data quickly and cost effectively.

Our data recovery South Staffordshire engineers are often asked why hard drives fail and the answer is; there are a wide variety of reasons. From poorly assembled drives and drives put together with sub-standard components, to drives that have suffered problems with firmware and their controller boards (logic boards); the list is a long one and sometimes it is hard to spot when a drive is going to fail.

With technology having moved on profoundly in the last decade a lot of computer users expect to be told that their hard drive is going to fail, allowing them to opportunity to make a backup before it does. Sadly, as our data recovery South Staffordshire technicians can bear witness, this is not the case and you are more likely to suffer a hard drive crash without warning as you are with some warning.

Our hard drive recovery services allow you, the customer, to be reunited with data that you might have considered gone for good under different circumstances. Many computer users lose data – or feel they have lost data because they have no access to their storage device – and replace it, leaving the old one to end up as recycling; whilst the data contained on it is lost and requires rebuilding through slower and less accurate means such as using old backups and hard copies.

It sounds as though the drive is booting up but it doesn’t!

When new clients contact our data recovery South Staffordshire engineers this is something we often are told. The sound of the hard drive spinning up can be heard but the computer itself reports no hard drive present or will allow no access to it. It can often be that the drive sounds as though it is working (and the drive indicator lights) because power is being received but nothing else is happening.

If the aforementioned is something that is happening to you and you are looking for help recovering your data look no further. Our data recovery South Staffordshire engineers are on hand and contactable now on 0115 8220606 and can offer you an initial diagnosis of the problem as well as a no obligation, no hassle quote (this may include an additional charge if the drive has been mechanically damaged). If you wish us to recover the data for you and are happy with the diagnosis and the quote then we ask that you send your hard drive to us at our data recovery South Staffordshire and Staffordshire centre. You can do this via Royal Mail, courier or deliver it personally if you are within the locale. We recommend that if using the postal service you register or record your storage device for peace of mind as we cannot be held responsible for the loss of a storage device in transit.

Having received the hard drive our data recovery South Staffordshire engineers will make a definite diagnosis and provide you with a list of all the data that can be recovered via email (if the data exceeds our standard provision of 30GBs we will require you to purchase an external storage device from our stocks). If you are happy that we can recover your data we ask that you make payment to us via BACS, credit or debit card (we do not accept PayPal) and upon receipt of payment we will return your recovered data to you on its new media by next day courier. For further details or to discuss recovering important data from a faulty hard drive contact us today on 0115 8220606. Our telephone lines and data recovery centre are open 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday (Christmas Day and Easter excluded).