Tamworth Data Recovery

Data Recovery Tamworth: Covering the areas of Tamworth and Staffordshire we can offer the premier data recovery service at prices that are cost effective and justifiable against the loss of important information and the time spent trying to reconstitute it by your staff. Call us today on 0115 8220606 for more information on the data recovery packages we have to offer as well as a no hassle no obligation quotation.

Computers are everywhere of that there can be no doubt; in the workplace, in the home, and in places of learning. Indeed there are very few of us who do not have a need or reason to use a computer during the course of the day. And while this is true so it is also true that the storage devices within these machines are prone to failure. Our data recovery Tamworth engineers are here to help you recover important data from a failed drive rather than risk falling behind in the workplace or at university, or run up huge salary bills on additional man-hours when it comes to reconstituting that data.

Hard drives are an unknown quantity to a lot of computer users. This should not be seen as a criticism by any stretch of the imagination. Office workers will spend time using hard drives to access and save information without fully understanding the reasons behind how they function and when they fail it can lead to an immediate bout of panic. Our ethos and that of our data recovery Tamworth engineers is; keep calm! The majority of data can be recovered unless there has been a format carried out after the data has been lost. Formatting a drive can make data recovery much more difficult so we strongly advise against it.

You may be lucky enough to know that your hard drive is going to fail. You may be given some warning either in the sound of metal grinding against metal as the platters, heads or spindles spin out of control, or there may be on screen dialogue boxes reporting an inability to access or save information. You may even be faced with the dastardly ‘Blue Screen of Death’ (BSOD) that although designed to provide information to Microsoft engineers and our data recovery Tamworth engineers, is viewed by most users as the beginning of the end.

What’s that noise? Audible warnings that should be heeded

Let’s look at an example. You have arrived into work, switched on your computer and suddenly it starts making a strange noise. It might be the fan, or the heat sink (the fan that keeps the processor cool) or it may well be the sound of a hard drive suffering a failure. Our data recovery Tamworth engineers can tell you if you call them on 0115 8220606 whether or not the sound you are hearing is the final cries for help from your computer’s internal hard drive.

If it is the case that your internal hard drive is failing because the platters have collided, the heads have spun out of control or the actuator arm has broken, then our data recovery Tamworth engineers can make that diagnosis quickly over the telephone and give you a no obligation quote to recover the data. While you’re on the telephone with us we’ll explain our No Fix No Fee policy as you shut your computer down. If you’re happy with the price and how we recover the data we’ll ask that you send the drive to us. We ask that you send the drive (just the drive) to our data recovery Tamworth and Staffordshire centre.

You can do this using the normal postal service (register the drive for your own peace of mind as everyone’s data is unique and we cannot be held responsible for the loss of your data on a permanent basis if the drive has been lost) or use a courier; alternatively we are happy for you to deliver it in person. On receipt of the drive our data recovery Tamworth engineers will make a definitive diagnosis and inform you by email as to the data being recovered (file structures, files and folders). Once you’re happy with this and have agreed for us to continue, on receipt of full payment by credit/debit card or BACS transfer, we will recover your data. (Data over 30GBs in volume needs to be recovered to an external storage device and you can purchase one from our stocks). We will return your recovered data to you using a next day courier service. Additional information on how we recover data can be obtained by calling us on 0115 8220606. You can contact us at our data recovery centre Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm (except Christmas Day and Easter).