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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from RAID servers. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
Raid 0 Recovery
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RAID 0 Server Errors And Volume Reconstruction Problems:

A RAID 0 array is a way of expanding the storage capacity on a computer or server. A RAID 0 array is actually a number of hard drives that have been configured to appear as a single larger storage, however as with all hard drive setups, RAID problems are common for a variety of reasons. If you experience hard drive issues in your RAID setup, the advice is to stop using the hard drives and the entire RAID 0 array and have the fault diagnosed by a RAID data recovery specialist. Faults can include configuration setting issues, system upgrades causing data loss, multiple disk failure, electronics faults and hardware degradation. We have experience with RAID data recovery solutions and can recover data from your RAID 0 array:

RAID 0 Hard Drive Multiple Disk Corruption:

Physical impact to a hard drive can cause mechanical failure. If one or more of the hard drives in your RAID array fail or become corrupted, you will experience beeps or click sounds. Clicking hard drives are common and it is one of the most common reasons we get called for RAID data recovery issues. Hard drive clicking sounds normally indicate faults with the drive heads, and can also mean ribbon cable faults or failure. Bleeping can often show that the motor is no longer working. We are highly experienced in recovering data from corrupt RAID hard drives.

RAID Rebuild Loss Of Configuration & System Registry:

Many people encounter issues after attempting RAID rebuild and issues can occur if all of the server’s parts are not in full working order. This means that even if there is a slight fault with a single hard disk drive, the whole RAID setup can fail. The top reason that we get RAID data recovery requests is failed RAID rebuild attempts, as many people do not realise the risks to your data associated with RAID rebuilding. We are one of the top UK companies offering data recovery from full or even part RAID 0 rebuilds. IF you have not yet done your RAID rebuild, we strongly urge you to contact us for free advice on how to protect data.

RAID 0 Array Firmware Degradation:

Each hard drive in your RAID 0 system will contain firmware allowing communication with the server or computer. If the firmware becomes corrupted to fails to work correctly it can cause hard drive issues preventing you from accessing data. One common firmware issue is that the platters where the firmware codes are held become broken. Another is that firmware corruption occurs after a firmware update is attempted. We can recovery data from corrupt firmware hard drives in RAID setups and have successfully don so on many occasion.

RAID 0 Controller Fault Tolerance:

Raid 0 systems have controllers and these, like all other parts of the RAID system, can develop faults. Commonly this can be caused by an incompatible card or different firmware, however should you experience such issues we can recover all of your lost or inaccessible data from your RAID array.

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