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RAID 0 Data Recovery


I need some help with a Buffalo Linkstation, connected to a RAID 0 array. I have had the server for about a year and a half, and I have saved a lot of data to the drive. The problem happened when I turned on the computer as usual yesterday, but the server would not boot up into the desktop. I looked at it, and saw that it had powered itself off somehow. When I turned it back on, the server put up a message saying that there was a RAID error on the drives. I sought advice about this from tech support, but they said that it was a bad hard drive, and that I would need professional recovery services to get the data from the drive. When I turn on the server, by hand, I can see the files, but they are degraded, so I can only see small pieces of information on the text. It does appear that one of the drives has failed. I was told to buy a new drive, and rebuild my RAID 0 from scratch. I don’t want to do this, as I think it could overwrite my data.


I have recently operated to remove some hard drives running what I think is Raid 0 out of a Vaio server. The Vaio was not working correctly, so I removed the drives in order to give me a chance to remove the data. From what I can see when I view the drives using a SATA cable, they are in a Raid 0 build, which means that they have to be used together in order to get any data off of the drives. This could be a serious problem, as it seems as though the controller for the VAIO is not compatible with the RAID controllers on the computer. The computer can’t read the data out of the Vaio server, and I have no way of reconnecting them to the server array. There is a lot of data on the drives which has not been backed up, and can’t be found anywhere else on the computer. I really need to recover this data.