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RAID 1 Failures and Data Recovery


I have a set of 5 Seagate hard drives which are operating in an array, one of which uses a RAID 0 configuration and the others that are set in mirrored pairs. One of these pairs works as my logical drives, booting up the OS, and I also have a copy of a SATA disk which connects the system to the motherboard. I generally boot from this volume when I start up. However, due to another problem, I was forced recently to reset the server which was not working properly. After this reset, I discovered that there was a problem with the RAID 1 OS volume, and that it will no longer boot up. I can boot up using the SATA drive, and view all of the RAID disks, including the volume which is no longer working. I can’t see any major problems, but there is clearly an issue because the system will not boot up any more.


I have a Readynas DUO server which has an array consisting of 2 WD hard drives. I have set this up as a RAID 1 array. However, I now have a problem that requires some assistance. The problem began when one of the fuses blue in the house, and the Readynas was powerless for an hour. When the power came back on, the server was not working any more. I decided that I needed to recover the drives by putting them into a hard drive enclosure, but when I inserted the first one, the enclosure said that there were ‘bad disks detected’. I tried to boot up this drive as a slave drive to my computer’s internal, but there was no success, and it just appears on the screen as unallocated. I did some tests on the first hard drive, and the images on the file seem to be corrupt. I have not tried the other hard drive yet, as I want to keep that as close to untouched as possible. I need to recover the data on this drive.